Singapore – A Place For Animal Lovers

Singapore enjoys a cosmopolitan out look. We can find people from different cultures and religions. Many travelers come to Singapore throughout the year. One thing that you should not miss out in Singapore is Mandai Zoo. It is one of the most beautiful zoos of the world. There are varieties of animals of different species. Many visitors staying at different hotels in Singapore prefer to visit Singapore zoo.The zoo spreads in a vast area of 28 hectares with more than 300 species of animals. The zoo follows the open zoo concept. Visitors can find animals in natural surroundings and they can see them through natural barricades. The animals are kept under natural barriers like rock walls, streams and trees and bushes. The animals in the zoo are enclosed in spacious enclosures, so that, visitors can easily see and them. The fences are beautifully hidden by natural vegetation. Many stalls and rest places are spread across the zoo. People can have some food and also take rest. There are different tram rides in the zoo. It attracts children and adults equally.

An important and interesting feature of the zoo is the night safari. Within a forest area of 40 hectares, you can enjoy the view of different wild animals, while traveling in the forest. This is an adventurous and thrilling experience to all animal lovers. Apart from this you can also enjoy horse rides and elephant rides. People from all parts of the world come and stay at Singapore cheap hotels and go for a visit to this zoo.You can also see orangutans performing their witty gestures. The major attraction of the zoo that attracts lots of crowd is breakfast with some endangered species. You can take your break, sitting close with these animals.In the zoo, there are three venues, where many events are organized. The Garden pavilion, Forest Lodge and Pavilion- by-the Lake, are the venues where these different events are enjoyed by the people. Birth day parties, weddings and other social gatherings are encouraged in this place.

The zoo offers many yearly memberships. The members enjoy the benefit of free rides and also get free magazine published every quarterly. The zoo is committed to the wild life conservation. It takes special care to take care of the extinct species like the white rhino, Komodo dragon, Malayan tiger, the sea lion and proboscis monkey.Singapore zoo is a must see place, if you are planning a trip to Singapore. You can easily book a hotel online. Singapore hotel reservation can be done online sitting at your home. Take a tour to the zoo and enjoy the splendor of wildlife.